VIP Bus Service – your SAFE BUBBLE TRAVEL across Europe

It has never been easier to travel Europe in your own private and safe place - the luxury way.

  • Tired of Covid restrictions bashing your private life?
  • Eager to enjoy lovely landscapes and sparkling cities all over Europe?
  • Enjoying your value time with your family or friends?

We might have an idea that you might have been looking for:

Travelling Europe in a safe bubble - the luxury way


What about ..

a week or two

  • without travel warnings, restrictions, entry bans and quarantine obligations?

  • together with friends or family – travelling cosy and safe?

  • beeing amongst people having a splendid time travelling together?

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Here you are: VIP across Europe

Safe round trips all over Europe for

Small groups up to a maximum of 18 people which enjoy our

Pickup service from anywhere in Europe. On tour you can rely on

Two bus drivers + tour a guide full service and you will enjoy

Pure comfort on the road and on location. Why not choose from a

Variety of preselected programs - but of course you can change your plan at anytime to enjoy

whatever you want!

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Handpicked for you

V.I.P. example route Amsterdam-Paris-Rome

  • From Amsterdam to Paris
  • The Beauty of France, visit Mont-Saint-Michel, Tours, Bordeaux and Marseille
  • Enjoy Italy including Milan, Padua and Venice
  • Reaching Rome - one of the most impressive cities in Europe with a history that goes back 2,500 years into the past.

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It's a pleasure to be VIP across Europe